Artic Angel Scam

Occasionally we hear from potential customers that they’ve come across negative reviews about us online, or that they’ve heard we are a scam. I want to clarify that these claims are completely untrue!

There are other companies with names similar to ours that do not adhere to good business practices, leading to confusion. Many of these companies ship knockoffs of our products from China or other international locations, causing customers to wait over a month for low-quality products. Some of these companies are indeed scams. However, we are not one of them.

Thanks to overwhelming support from customers like you, as a growing small family-owned businesses, we have had our growing pains at times. Sometimes despite our best efforts we do mess up, but we will always do everything we can to make it right so that you'll feel confident visiting us again.

As of the date of this writing, we have over 5,000 five-star reviews from satisfied customers all over North America, which you can view here:

Our Artic Angel team is made up of dedicated men and women from across the USA who pour their hearts and souls into every product we ship. Moreover, all our products are shipped from the USA and come with a 60-Day 100% Worry Free Guarantee.

Please don't let these negative reviews deter you. Our mission is simple: to spread joy, inspire moments of wonder, and celebrate life's most precious occasions with you.